Valeria Ugarte

Growing up, family relationships were always at the center of everything, and food was very well the glue connecting it all. However, she was a very picky eater with bad habits and never enjoyed real food.


From a young age she experienced some health issues, including being overweight, hormonal issues and a toxic relationship with food, but no doctor ever mentioned lifestyle or diet. As a young adult she started taming care of myself by eating a balanced diet and exercising. This helped for a few months, but results were never sustainable.


At some point, this bad relationship with food made her realize she needed a true change, something that changed her habits from the core. That's when she started the Whole30 diet, which eventually led her to Keto.


This time, she soon began feeling energized, her anxiety leveled down and her life wasn’t controlled by food anymore. This experience made her very passionate about helping others facing similar issues reach their full potential and regain control of their health, that’s when she decided to get certified as a Keto Coach.


Her mission nowadays is to help others (specially women and children) make better choices towards their diet and overall lifestyle, to ultimately make people realize that healthy habits don't have to be boring.