Thomas DeLauer

Thomas DeLauer wasn't always in shape. It's easy to look at him and assume that he's always been athletic and that he has no idea what it feels like to struggle with being overweight. That couldn't be a more UNTRUE statement.


It is true that Thomas did grow up participating in sports (like many kids do). He even had some impressive feats as a cross country runner and track competitor. But like many of us, after High School, the weight of the world caught up with him.


As he entered into his professional career field (legal industry recruiter, healthcare recruiter later an executive with an ancillary lab services company) the stress of trying to build the American dream began to catch up with him. At the peak of his stressful period in the corporate setting, Thomas tipped the scales at close to 300lbs. He was pre-diabetic, hypertensive, and was battling severe depression and anxiety. Something needed to change.


He was fortunate enough to have an incredible support system. His wife, Amber, had been with him since high school and had seen in all different shapes and sizes. Her encouragement alongside amazing help from some of the physicians that he worked with and managed, he was able to utilize the ketogenic diet along with intermittent fasting to drop over 100lbs in a little over one year.


Throughout his physical transformation, Thomas had a tremendous mental transformation as well. He realized that the high pressure of a corporate life and chasing money wasn't the life he wanted to lead. He wanted to have a family and to be there for that family. It was like he had a tremendous fog clear from him brain. His journey brought to him a new love for biochemistry. Thomas' background was in Psychology and biochemistry always appealed to him, but he was never amazing at math (like many of us), so he didn't pursue it as a career. But now, he had a reason to love it. The understanding of how his body transformed absolutely amazed him and he had to learn more.


Meanwhile, during his transformation, Thomas' wife was suffering from her own set of health concerns. Diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and other auto-immne conditions, Thomas' wife, Amber, was struggling every day. Fatigue, weight gain, and depression plagued her.


Thomas and Amber decided that what worked so well for him, would likely also work for her.... Well, it did. Within months Amber was back to hiking, horseback riding and feeling like herself again. Thomas and Amber were now unstoppable when it came down to spreading the positive word of their successes with the ketogenic diet.


Not wanting to go back to a career in healthcare, Thomas decided that he would use his skill of communicating complex subject matter (comes with the territory of being in medical sales) to start a YouTube channel that explains the biochemistry of the ketogenic diet in layman's terms. Since Thomas wasn't a scientist, but certainly was an expert, he could explain things in a way that got people excited.


The YouTube channel, which was going to be a fun side-project, took on a life of its own. Quickly surpassing 1 million subscribers within two years. Then doubling to over 2 million subscribers the next year.


Since launching the YouTube Channel, Thomas has become very renowned in not only the ketogenic community, but also the general health community as he believes in a non dogmatic approach to nutrition. He certainly has his favorites and knows what worked for his family and clients, but his passion lies within teaching people to learn about their bodies so that they can be excited to make a change. He often says, "Education leads to Adherence," as he discovered that when people are empowered and feel like they understand, they are willing to make change.


Thomas and his family reside near the central coast of California with their 2 young children as well as their 3 dogs and trusty steed (their horse), Sonny.


Over the next five years, Thomas has strong aspirations to not only be an amazing father and husband, but to help empower parents to educate their children on how amazing their bodies can really be if they take care of them.


Thomas is thrilled to be a part of this wonderful Mediterranean Keto movement as he sees it as a true way to break down the barrier to entry that so many have with a low carb lifestyle.