Tanya Pennington-Miller, FNTP

Tanya Pennington-Miller, FNTP is a Hormone & Fat Loss Specialist for women over 40. She founded Nourish to Thrive, LLC, a remote nutritional therapy practice. She has helped women all over the country, with great success, to lose stubborn weight by balancing their hormones through nutrition and lab testing. As a Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist, she interprets labs from a functional perspective, in order to guide her clients to optimal health.


Tanya is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and is in the process of obtaining her Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition. Having been in her client’s shoes, it is her life’s passion to help women lose weight, regain energy, sleep well, lose the night sweats and enjoy life once again.


You can find her speaking on stages across the country, sharing her knowledge and expertise with the masses in an attempt to affect as many lives as possible.


Competing in National Figure and CrossFit competitions across the country is a huge part of Tanya’s history, and today you can find her running Spartan Races (up to 30 miles) and mountain biking. She believes physical fitness is a major component to optimizing health, so she encourages her clients to find physical activities they enjoy.


Tanya resides in Central California with her husband and four bullmastiffs, where they have owned a brick-and-mortar supplement and nutrition store for 10 years. Eventually, they will move to their 25-acre property Idaho, where their heart truly resides, in the mountains.

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