Robert Sikes

Robert Orion Sikes is a lifetime natural, competitive bodybuilder. He started training as a junior in high school weighing a whopping 115 pounds. In the beginning, he followed traditional, “bro-dieting” wisdom which consisted of eating 6 or 7 meals a day filled with carbohydrates and very high protein. This nutritional protocol led to a downward spiral of health issues and disordered eating.

After his third bodybuilding competition, Robert decided to try something new and began experimenting with a high fat, strict ketogenic approach to bodybuilding. He formulated his own approach to contest prep nutrition leveraging keto and earned his pro-status with bodybuilding in 2017.

He has since dedicated his life to learning and teaching others the benefits of following a well formulated, ketogenic lifestyle. The lessons learned led to his creation of the Keto Brick, a 1,000 calorie, ketogenic performance meal. The Brick was never meant to be a product sold to the public. Robert just created it for his own personal use during his competition prep. However, after featuring it on a YouTube video, he received a ton of interest around the Brick and decided to jump in with both feet to make it into a viable business. After countless late nights and a never ending grind, the business took off and has since become a wild success!

Robert now works alongside his wife Crystal and their amazing team to continually create content and Bricks and add a ton of value within this community. His mission is, and will continue to be, empowering others to believe in themselves and truly tap into their full potential by optimizing their body and mind.

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