Nicole Burgess

I have struggled with obesity my entire life since a child. I’ve tried every fad diet in the books & even resorted to taking diet pills. This only resulted in short term success with always gaining weight back plus some. My motivation or my “why” was my husband & I were having trouble conceiving. It wasn’t until my gynecologist looked me in the face & gave me the harsh reality that weight was holding me back! I knew right then that I wasn’t letting my addiction of unhealthy foods/habits hold me back from living my life!


I did the typical cliche thing & joined a gym January 1, 2009, cleaned out our pantry/fridge & replaced everything with healthy low carb options. Through eating low carb/whole foods & daily exercise I lost 85 pounds in less than 7 months. I was able to maintain the weight loss over the years even having two boys in the process.


However, in 2018 I began to get a little comfortable again & started putting weight back on. It was the influence of a friend doing keto that sparked my interest in the lifestyle. Keto was more strict, but looked very familiar to what I had done to lose weight initially. In January 2019 I decided to take a chance & get back on track. With living a ketogenic lifestyle for over 2 years I have lost 25 pounds, built muscle, found my confidence again, & changed my entire mindset.


Besides being a certified keto coach, I have Youtube channel where I inspire people daily to be the best version of themselves they can be with over 127K subscribers & growing! I’m also teaching those that have done keto long term how to “carb cycle” or do “cyclical keto” the correct/healthy way to regulate hormones, get out of a stall, or build muscle. My overall message is health & I do my best to showcase clean, healthy, & whole foods ingredients while living a ketogenic lifestyle.

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