Dr. Tatiana Ramos

Tatiana Ramos is the Editor for La Guía Keto en Español the leading hispanic magazine for the ketogenic community in the US Hispanic Market. After losing over 200 pounds, she realized that the obesity war was not against fat or food, rather against disinformation. She prepared herself with more than ten courses and certifications on nutrition and ketogenic diet at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Stanford University, FAB Academy, Mystic Core Movements, Unimetab with Frank Suárez, and more, so what began as a path for a healthier living is now her way to help others who need that change, who want to live better, happier, and for a longer time. Tatiana Ramos, better known as Tatyketo is a PhD in Communications, journalist member of the Society of Professional Journalists, college professor, ketogenic coach and the creator of the La Guía Keto en Español.