Dr. Robert Kiltz

The dreams we have for our futures exist for a reason. Our commitment to ourselves to follow these dreams determines the quality of our lives. While this journey may not always be easy, I am here to help.

I believe that everyone deserves to have a family. I provide access to top-quality fertility care for all my fertility practice, CNY Fertility.
Through decades of clinical practice, I discovered that infertility (and virtually all other diseases we humans suffer from) are caused primarily by the foods we eat and the frequency at which we consume them.  Similarly, I found that the power of positive thinking can have radical outcomes for your health, wellness, and life goals.

Through the power of positive thinking, changes to diet, and a nurturing attitude toward overall health, you can achieve what you envision and desire most. By showing up for yourself, you have already begun. I’m here to show up for you too.



Founder & Director - CNY Fertility

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