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I would like to welcome all of you to the LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO 2023!

Allow me to take a moment of your time to introduce myself.  I am Robbie Cherrie the founder and developer of the LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO. I have been in Las Vegas since 1992, facilitating all types of events in The Entertainment Capital of the World.

The LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO 2022 is extremely proud to host professional and well-known speakers, product booths and everything the keto world has to offer.

My vast and many years of experience in the entertainment industry has made me extremely familiar with the costs involved when planning and producing a conference, convention, corporate and/or special event, festival, or concert. Dealing with convention centers and hotel resort casinos can drive pricing through the roof.  However, when I organized this event, my goal was to make the LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO affordable for all parties involved, for attendees as well as exhibit vendors.  I have personally ensured that the cost for an attendee entry ticket is affordable, which will include admission covering each day of the LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO event.

As we all know, Las Vegas, Nevada is The Entertainment Capital of The World making it the ideal place to host this event.  The LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO is another event added to the ever-growing list of things to do and see in the fabulous City of Las Vegas!

At this point, all I can say is…  “I am sooo looking forward to seeing you all in September 2023 at the LAS VEGAS KETO EXPO!” This event is going to be off the chart!!!

Hello, I am Barry Seybert , I been working with Robbie Cherrie for several years! & several events on Las Vegas Strip.  From conventions to corporate events, & special events on the technical side.

I have vast experience in video and film production, from camera operator to Director of Photography and technical directing multiple camera coverage of national conventions.

I saw a successful inaugural Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 amid Covid guidelines still in play at a reduced enforcement.  Vendors, attendees and speakers were all impressed with the first run.  Vendors were impressed with the personal assistance we were able to provide and said they never had this before.  No matter how large or how big,  We can make the Las Vegas Keto Expo 2023 very successful for The Keto World.

I will do my best to take care of our vendors as I know they are the backbone of the physical event.  I know we can make the next much bigger and better.  A new venue will definitely help us bring you a larger and better expo and I plan on seeing our EXPO grow for years to come and to be the finest Keto event in the country as the Super Bowl Keto Event with Awards and Award Dinner.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Tuscany Hotel & Casino in 2023.

Thank you

Barry Seybert

Hosted at the Tuscany Resort in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was a huge success it was very exciting and it turned out to be a great event for vendors attendees now it is time to move to Las Vegas Keto Expo 2023.

So standby for 2023 event tickets to go on sale soon and if you Did not make it to 2021 event you don’t want to miss 2023 because it’s going to be more exciting!