The 2nd Annual Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo

Join us September 28 29 & 30, 2023 for a re-imagined Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo with ALL of the biggest names in the Keto & Health industry. Don’t miss out!


Be A Part of the 2nd Annual Keto & Health Excursion in The Entertainment Capital of the World - Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las Vegas NV is home to many nicknames. Some still call it the “Sin City.” But today, it’s more commonly known as “The Entertainment Capital and Convention City Capital of the World.” And still there’s a lesser known nickname growing in popularity — “The City of Second Chances.”

The last two nicknames are why we made Las Vegas home to the Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo happening on September 28 29 & 30, 2023. Because if there’s one aspect that makes living a healthier lifestyle more successful — it’s having fun while you do it!

The Second Annual Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 will feature 18 expert speakers and 100 of the top Keto & Health product vendors. And the three-day extravaganza will be located in the beautiful Tuscany Suites & Casino in Las Vegas NV.

This is your chance to have the time of your life while learning more about Keto & Health that will empower you to embrace a healthier lifestyle

All attendees to register for Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 will get (1) FREE limited edition Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo T-shirt, and access to a Meet and Greet with Appetizers & Cocktails, Thursday September, 28, from 5:00pm to 7:00pm in Tuscany & Siena Ballroom, with live music from DJ Blue Ivory. Also, let's NOT forget the free concert with Emily Wolfe performing live on stage in the Florentine Ballroom main stage Friday September 29 2023 from 6:00pm to 8:00pm (Private Concert ONLY for Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 attendees & vendors)

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3-Days of All Things about Keto & Health

Blast off into the Keto & Health - sphere and emerge yourself in the latest research, pro-tips, best practices, and “hacks” to stay accountable and on track in your own healthier journey with dozens of presentations, panel discussions, and forums all dedicated to improving your health and wellness.

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18 World-Renowned Keto & Health Speakers

Learn from the Keto & Health masters! Leading physicians, top scientists, and progressive thought leaders will grace the stage to discuss current trends in disease, extending your life, and improving every aspect of your life through a healthier lifestyle.

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100 Innovative Expo Brands

Explore an expo full of 100 innovative keto & health - centric brands who will make your healthier journey easier! Each brand will help you understand the innovations in nutrition, technology, and human optimization that make living a healthier lifestyle easier and more fun.


Endless Networking Opportunities in Keto & Health

Collaborate, meet, mingle, and “rub shoulders” with keto & health thought leaders, influencers, and other like-minded people through a variety of fun events throughout the weekend. It’s a chance to kick back, relax, and have fun with other people on the same mission as you!


Experience All That Las Vegas Has To Offer

The city of Las Vegas NV is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and there are many new things that are upcoming such as: The Las Vegas Raiders, two (2) Hockey Teams, The Vegas Golden Knights & The Henderson Silver Knights and one (1) women’s WNBA - Las Vegas Aces, (1) baseball team - Las Vegas Aviators and The Rock  - XFL new football team The Las Vegas Outlaws and Formula 1 Racing.

Exciting times are happening in Las Vegas, Nevada and that is why it is called The Entertainment Capital City of the World & The Convention Capital City of the World. Not to mention the World-Renowned Hotels and Casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.


Performs Friday Night in Florentine Ballroom

on the Main Stage from 6:00pm to 7:30pm


Check out her latest Video



logan degato

Logan Delgado


Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was one of the best keto events ever and that I’ve ever gone to! The keto speaker lineup was amazing and the keto product vendors were outstanding, Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was one of TOP KETO event of the year, I can’t wait to come back for Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022!


Siva Dhamotharan

Chief Marketing Officer

"OAZA couldn't have been happier with the turnout and quality of the Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021. Robbie and his team put on a great show with world-class speakers and vendors. Their staff helped us engage with all expo attendees and were instrumental in making key introductions to influential industry connections throughout the course of the show. As an emerging brand, we benefited from the targeted exposure allowing us to educate the niche keto community about our new products.Looking forward to being part Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022 next year!"


Lenny Lee - Host & Producer

Keto News / Rave Foods

Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was the Keto Event of the Year! An incredible mix of top Keto expert speakers, the hottest new Keto products and crowds of Keto enthusiasts. Everyone had an amazing time and we all are looking forward to an even bigger & better experience next year 2022!


Kathy Tafoya


JiMMYBAR! was happy to be a part of the inaugural Las Vegas KETO Expo 2021 in Las Vegas NV in October 2021! It was exciting to be at this show as JiMMYBAR! is a great source for Keto Protein Bars and our New Keto Chocolate Fudge Pudding! Everyone loved our items and were happy to see us at the show! The customers were passionate and informative of why they chose Keto as their path of a healthy lifestyle. The speakers were outstanding! We had the leaders of the Keto world speaking at Las Vegas KETO Expo 2021 which made it a learning experience for all and seeing the passion for this lifestyle was incredible! We got to interact in person and introduce JiMMYBAR! to the Keto World! See you in 2022 at Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022



Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was perfect and exciting and I can’t wait for Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022. It was not only educational and we got to meet great keto products and amazing people, but we also had a great time visiting all the different places that Las Vegas has to offer. Everyone was so engaged in all the activities Robbie organized. I am honored to be able to speak at Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021. I am back in 2022 to speak again at Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022 “reloaded” which promises to be even bigger, better and more fun and I can’t wait!! I am so much looking forward to come back and extend this great event Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022 to the Latin community. Thank you so much for inviting us.


Emily Adams / Partner

Keto Primo

Keto Primo had the best experience at the Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021. Can't wait for 2022! It was amazing to meet everybody and share our products with the Keto community. The speakers were top notch. We left feeling more energized than ever to continue forward in the Keto movement. See you at Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022


Ben Azadi

Keto Kamp

"I had a great time speaking and attending the Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021. The keto community showed up strong for a much needed in person event. The speaker lineup was exceptional with thought leaders in the keto space from all over the world. The vendors had yummy keto products for all of us to try. I look forward to Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022!"



Founder of Keto 4 The Soul

The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was AWESOME! It was an absolute blast seeing and hearing from some of the top keto-ers in the Keto World The knowledge that the speakers shared was life changing. Even seeing our favorite keto brands and meeting the creators was such a cool experience. I can't wait until Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022. I will be back!!


Autumn Jones

Watch Autumn Keto

"The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was GREAT! It was so awesome getting to discover and sample all of the amazing Keto Vendor Products! The speaker lineup was incredible great for the Keto World, "Great job Robbie" There were so many great stories and lessons shared. It was cool to see so many Keto rockstars in one room! And not to mention the city of Las Vegas itself what a city to host a Keto Event and many more to come. It was the perfect backdrop for the conference, offering lots of sights and experiences that made our trip truly unique. The Las Vegas Keto Expo will definitely be a fun destination for years to come.” Looking forward for Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022. “CAN’T WAIT"

Pork King Good

Megan O’Brien

Pork King Good

The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was a great event for companies, creators and health experts to meet and mingle. Not only was it a FUN networking event it was fantastic hearing all the top of the line keto speakers in the keto world on stage and trying out some new healthy keto products on the market.” Can’t wait for 2022, See you in Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022.

Dr. Ryan Lowery

Dr. Ryan Lowery

The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was a great event with some of the top minds in the keto space coming together to help educate and inspire people on the benefits of ketosis. The Las Vegas Keto Expo is one you definitely don't want to miss as it combines education, connection, and fun all into one. See you in Las Vegas NV at The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2022.


Cheryl McColgan

Ultimate Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle and Advanced Nutrition

After hearing about the inaugural Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023, I knew I wanted to be involved. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge of keto and fasting, as well as learning from the other amazing speakers and attendees. Having attended other conferences in Las Vegas in the past, I can attest that it's the perfect place for a combination of learning, entertainment and fun!


Robert Orion Sikes

CEO/Founder of Keto Savage

Looking forward to meeting up with everyone in the keto community this coming year at the Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023!!! Nothing beats interacting with everyone in the space face to face! I'll be speaking there and we'll have the booth rocking as well! Come check us out and say howdy!


Cristy Nickel

Founder of Code Red

Cristy Code Red here and I am coming to Las Vegas Nevada in September 2023 to the Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo to bring the HEAT! Yep, it may be hot outside still when we arrive but I am bringing the audience the truth about mindset and success when it comes to getting healthy. I am looking forward to meeting each of you and sharing not only my story and tangible takeaways for each and every person listening… but I am also excited to share the stage with such amazing experts. See you all in Las Vegas Sept 2023!


Maria Emmerich

Founder of Keto Adapted

Are you looking for inspiration and have a massive good time? Do not miss the Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023! You are guaranteed to have so much fun while learning from the top health experts! I can’t wait to meet you there!”
Maria Emmerich

Make today special! Treat yourself with honor!


Dr. Melina Roberts

Advanced Naturopathic Medical Centre

I am thrilled to be a speaker at Las Vegas Keto and Health Keto 2023. It is filled with world-class speakers who are leaders in Keto and Health Wellness , where we will learn the latest research, form a sense of community with like-minded people, and have a ton of fun. This is one of those events you wouldn't want to miss and I will see you in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Keto Health Expo 2023.

Thank you,
DR. Melina Roberts


Bronson Dant

Ultimate Ketogenic Fitness

The Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo was one of the most rewarding events I went to in 2021. The information presented was fantastic. The speakers were accessible and open to engaging with the attendees in a very meaningful way. Everyone there was friendly and you could feel the HIGH Energy Of Community & Support, and learning about Keto and Health. I'm very honored to be a speaker Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 and I fully expect to see many lives changed by the experience.

See you in Las Vegas 2023, can’t wait!!!!!!



Dr. Robert Kiltz

Founder & Director - CNY Fertility

"I am honored to attend and speak at next year's Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 alongside so many esteemed members of the Keto & Health & Carnivore communities. I look forward to connecting with the expo attendees and learning more about their motivations for moving to an animal-based diet. After hearing so many wonderful things about last year's Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn't miss. Thank you to Robbie and his team for organizing this event and for welcoming me to the community.”

See you in Las Vegas in 2023


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The Las Vegas Keto Expo 2021 was a very successful event, with 349 attendees, 45 VIPS, 68 contest winners and 44 Keto Product Vendors. We are now planning The Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 and it is expected to grow immensely. If you are looking for an exciting event with growth potential to successfully promote your business in the Keto World, then The Las Vegas Keto & Health Expo 2023 is the event is for you!


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Vendor Parties in Club Hakkasan at MGM Grand 2021

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